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Experience Perfection in Sunny Isles, Florida, and Las Vegas…. A Team That Provides Facial and Body Rejuvenation Like a Modern-day Picasso
Photograph By Hywel Jones


Angela Kogan was born in 1989 in Israel. She went to Tampa, Florida, USA, when she was 16 years old, searching for better opportunities and a better life. Despite the unfamiliar culture and language, she was determined to follow her aspirations and make a better livelihood. Angela opted to go to beauty school after graduating from high school in 2007, and she graduated from the Beauty & Health Institute as an electrologist, laser technician, and face expert.

Angela learned all medical spa and plastic surgery business areas and was not afraid to promote herself and her business! She decided to open her own business in Tampa, Florida, in 2009, but as a single mother, she felt she needed to expand her business and moved to Miami, Florida, in 2012. Angela is a genuine lion and she now has two PERFECTION med spa locations, one in Sunny Isles, Florida, and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada. But just when you thought she’d done everything, she opened the first luxury plastic surgery center in Suny Isles, Florida.

Angela Kogan may not be a doctor, but she certainly knows how to select the very best for her clients. Kogan is a Certified Medical Electrologist, Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional, Licensed Phlebotomist, and Certified Medical Electrologist. Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, clinical facials, acne treatments, and medical skincare are her dermatological specialties.

Has the journey been easy?

It’s been a challenge from beginning a company to managing my time with my children. I was marketing the company in every way I could, which took a lot of time away from my children. My best advice is to keep pushing and never give up.

What are you most proud of as a company, and what makes you unique?

I am certified in CLHRP, CCE, CME, Phlebotomist, Medical Aesthetician, Electrologist, and Body contouring specialist. With that being said, it does take more than licenses to be successful; I make sure to keep my business updated with the newest treatments and machines. I’m also in charge of our social media accounts to reach as many clients as possible and increase our exposure. I believe our PERFECTION team’s character and vibe sets us apart from other spas.

What is your motivation to keep going?

The book “The Secret” is one of my favorites for all my motivation. But my biggest motivation and advice helper is my thirteen-year-old daughter, Liana.

Angela has been in business for ten years, and we cannot wait to see what she will be up to next.

“It’s hard to trust your face to someone, but I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right hands as soon as I met Angela. She was very kind and informative, and her staff was not pushy at all. Her resident doctor even discouraged me from doing extra procedures.” -Carissa Rossi, Patient.